BiCi is an association whose mission is to foster cutting-edge research and advanced education (PhD and post-doctoral level) in Computer Science. BiCi-sponsored events take place in Bertinoro at the University Residential Center, of the University of Bologna, and occasionally in other locations. Typical events sponsored or organized directly by BiCi include thematic research workshops, strategic meetings charting new research agenda and advanced schools.

BiCi also organizes and sponsors events aimed at exposing a wider audience to the scientific and social issues related to computing.

Proposals for events under the auspices of BiCi can be submitted to any member of the Steering Committee.

Upcoming Events

BWGD'18: Bertinoro Workshop on Graph Drawing (4-9 March 2018)
LATCA@BiCi: LATtice Crypto and Algorithms (20-25 May 2018)
ISWS: International Semantic Web Research Summer School (1-7 July 2018)
RaTLoCC 2018: Ramsey Theory in Logic, Combinatorics and Complexity (15-20 July 2018)
DESIRES: Design of Experimental Search & Information REtrieval Systems (28-31 August 2018)